Inclusion in the
workplace starts with
your intranet

Foster an inclusive digital workplace for people of all abilities, with the first Accessibility Tool for SharePoint.

Inclusion in the workplace starts with your intranet

For people of all abilities

Roughly 20% of the population has some kind of disability, of which over 70% are "invisible disabilities” - meaning people in your workforce might be struggling with inclusion in the workplace. The Accessibility Tool for SharePoint will transform your intranet into a safe place where people of all abilities can perform at their best.

Check out all accessibility features

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Designed for people of all abilities

Includes assistive technology for vision, hearing, neurodiversity, learning and mobility.

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Based on WCAG 2.0 recommendations

Create an inclusive digital workplace that adheres to standards for accessibility.

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Making content accessible

Our accessibility solutions work with any type of content on your Office 365 intranet.

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Mobile-ready for users on the go

Wherever work takes users, an accessible experience follows.

Empower every employee to be digitally independent

Upgrade your intranet to become a safe place where people of all abilities can feel empowered to perform at their best.

Accessibility for different impairments

An inclusive intranet – just press tab

Creating an inclusive environment is only a click away. For users, it couldn’t be easier. The tool is triggered with the first hit of the "tab" key on the keyboard – focusing on the needs of visually impaired users – or just by clicking the accessibility icon.

Easily deployed in minutes, the Accessibility Tool for SharePoint adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

AI capabilities

Built on Azure Cognitive Services, the Accessibility Tool takes advantage of the cloud-based AI capabilities within Azure, offering blind and visually impaired customers cognitive understanding for vision and speech. The Accessibility Tool is AI-powered - text is transformed into speech, and images and videos are instantly accessible with no coding or changes to existing content.

Accessibility for different impairments
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"In the beginning, I only had a few little signs that something wasn't quite right..."

From our blog, a personal message from our CEO, Beatriz Oliveira

Accessibility Tool features

An extensive set of features to meet the unique accessibility needs of all users.

Keyboard navigation

Provides visual or mobility impaired users the possibility to navigate through pages using a keyboard, without the need for a mouse or pointer.

Screen reader

An assistive technology screen reader that renders text and image content as speech for blind and visually impaired users.

Stop animations

Stop all animations, fading elements in/out, blinking or flashing content, which could trigger epileptic seizures or disturb users with PTSD.


Change text to a readable font, to mitigate some common reading problems caused by dyslexia or impaired concentration.

Reading guide

Adds a high-contrast horizontal reading line to the cursor. Reduces eye strain, improving focus for users with dyslexia, visual or cognitive impairment.

Big pointer

Increases the cursor size, making it easy to trace, facilitating clicks and navigation. The large cursor is available in white and black options.

Highlight titles

Highlights all title elements, ensuring easily identifiable headings structure (hierarchical, sequential).

Highlight links

Highlights all link elements, creating high-contrast and easily identifiable clickable items, for more accessible navigation.


Upon hover on a text element, creates a large-sized, color highlighted box with bigger and more readable text.

Text size

Progressively increases the size of the text on the page, with four text size incrementations available.

Letter spacing

Increases line spacing for improved readability. Three levels of spacing for a more accessible reading experience.

Line height

Progressively increases line height for improved readability, with three height incrementations available.

Color contrast

Monochrome, inverted, bright and dark contrast modes, providing greater depth perception and reduced eye strain for visually impaired users.

Color blindness

Adjusts all pictures on intranet pages, to colors viewable by color blinded users with deuteranopia, tritanopia, and other forms of color blindness.

Colors selection

Allows selecting specific colors for backgrounds, headings and text, creating greater contrast and readability for visually impaired users.


Does the accessibility tool improve usability and user adoption?
Yes. Statistics show that nearly 20% of the population has some kind of (permanent or temporary) disability. This percentage is most likely similar in your workforce. Providing users with tools to overcome their limitations, like the Accessibility Tool, will improve the overall usability of the intranet, thus increasing overall adoption.
Will my intranet become ADA compliant once I install the tool?
No. The Accessibility Tool for SharePoint was designed to improve the user experience for intranet users with visible and hidden disabilities. It was not designed to guarantee compliance. Nevertheless, BindTuning is working on a future accessibility product to ensure intranet compliance to ADA and WCAG 2.1 standards.
How is the tool licensed?
The Accessibility Tool for SharePoint is licensed as a yearly subscription, per single tenant/single domain. All sites within the same tenant are licensed.
For pricing details, or to purchase, please visit our Pricing Page.
Are updates and new features included?
Yes. In the scope of the subscription, new features and product updates/fixes are included.
Are there trials available?
Yes! We are happy to get you started on a trial or provide you with a comprehensive and personalized demo. Reach out to our team - we are available to help.
For which versions of SharePoint is the tool available?
The Accessibility Tool is available for Office 365 and SharePoint on-prem, both for classic and modern sites.