In today's ever-evolving corporate landscape, the appearance and functionality of an intranet has become paramount in shaping user experiences and driving productivity. Today, we'll delve into how BindTuning's Intranet empowered AEC Connect (AEC’s Intranet name) to achieve their vision - to create an information-sharing powerhouse.

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with AEC , a global mobility solutions provider. They were determined to transcend the ordinary and take their SharePoint Intranet to new heights of elegance, and user-friendliness.

AEC initially built their Intranet environment using out-of-the-box SharePoint products. However, they found themselves dissatisfied with the final look and feel. The client's aspiration was clear - they sought to elevate their Intranet's aesthetics, user experience, and overall branding, turning it into a seamless extension of their organization's identity. Recognizing the need for a transformation, they turned to BindTuning for guidance.

Our partnership with AEC began with a seamless onboarding process, where we meticulously assisted the client in identifying and addressing their specific requirements. With the guidance of BindTuning's expertise, AEC embarked on a journey of customization and innovation.
Diana Taveira, Account Manager for BindTuning.

Requirements & Goals:

AEC's intranet transformation aimed to foster connectivity and communication across their global and diverse workforce, while delivering a sleek and engaging user experience. Their goal was to create an information-sharing powerhouse, that would serve as the primary hub for news, announcements, and global file-sharing within the organization. This way, the collaboration with BindTuning aimed to elevate the platform's aesthetics, resulting in an elegant and professional design that ensures effortless navigation and content discovery.

Brand Empowerment:

To achieve their design aspirations, AEC opted for a BindTuning theme. This enabled them to configure a branded navigation, implement a stylish footer, and apply their unique color palette and custom font across various site elements, including buttons and links. This seamless integration of AEC’s organizational brand guidelines ensured a harmonious and consistent branding experience to which end users can relate.

Dynamic Content Sharing:

Sharing both internal and external news is vital for AEC. To cater to this requirement, their landing page was equipped with the Carousel web part, dynamically showcasing the three most recent updates. Created with Out-of-Box news pages, the BindTuning List web part was used, ensuring that all internally generated news are easily accessible through a searchable, filterable, sortable directory. The inclusion of the News web part, configured to support links to the AEC public blog, facilitated the display of externally hosted news, while the RSS feed web part kept users updated with industry news.

Global content made personal

To deliver relevant content, that feels personal to the to AEC Connect end user, it was added the My Work web part, to display quick access to emails and personal schedules. The World Time Pro web part proved invaluable for an organization such as AEC with its global presence across 7 countries – it helped users across different time zones to stay synchronized and respect each other’s right to disconnect. AEC also opted for the Tiles web part, replacing the out-of-the-box Hero web part, replacing the OOB Hero web part which, unlike BindTuning’s Tiles, could not open links in a modal window

Efficient Document Management:

Beyond the landing page, AEC incorporated two pages with different Document Libraries (“AEC Global Files” and “HR Resources”), thoughtfully constructed using BindTuning's Document web part, and implementing our List layout and unique capabilities for the users to search, filter and sort according with their needs. These libraries were further complemented with Quick Links for swift access to crucial information, streamlining document management and information.

"People have shared with us that they find important information and documents easier, that they like the way the slider looks, and the news sections."

The Outcome:

In conclusion, AEC's initial objectives were addressed, with BindTuning team's help, in time for a successful relaunch of AEC Connect. Today, they boast an Intranet that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly user-friendly. Of course, this was not possible without AEC unwavering commitment throughout the process, collaborating seamlessly with BindTuning to achieve a result that resonates with their requests.

AEC has experienced significant positive outcomes since the implementation of BindTuning products and shared an overwhelmingly positive reception from the rest of their organization towards the new environment. The users expressed delight in the improved aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and added personalization and features.

Regarding the key factors contributing to the success during this transformative journey, the customized theme with carefully chosen colors and fonts has played a crucial role. This unique design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also aligns seamlessly with the internal communications.

"I think the theme with the colors and font made it more suitable for our internal comms."

In terms of the broader impact on day-to-day operations and overall employee experience, the organizational transformation has been a game-changer. With a centralized platform for news consumption, information retrieval, and document access, AEC team's efficiency has significantly improved. The positive influence is evident in reduced email and message traffic from various channels, as AEC Connect now serves as the primary communication hub.

"The team has a central platform to read the news, find information and documents, which makes their work easier so that was a positive influence. Less emails or messages are sent out from different channels as we use AEC Connect now for all these comms."
Bianka Gallina, PR & Communications Specialist for AEC Solutions.

AEC’s journey exemplifies the power of collaboration and the transformative impact of BindTuning's products. It showcases how organizations can breathe new life into their Intranets, turning them into powerful tools that align seamlessly with their brand identity and, most importantly, cater to the needs of their users. Their success story highlights the possibilities that lie ahead when innovative design, user-centric customization, and partnership come together.