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Premium Services

We offer a variety of technical services to get your intranet ready in no time.

Description   Price

Product Setup

Includes theme customization and theme/web parts installation.
4 hours * $600.00

Landing Page Design

Creation of one page using all BindTuning products.
Does not include products installation.
8 hours * $1,200.00

Intranet Development **

Several intranet pages creation, as per customer requirements.
40 hours * $6,000.00


* Services terms & conditions

  • BindTuning Premium Services are rough estimations per project; however, all requests will be evaluated by the project team to re-estimate time and delivery dates. Further charges may apply.
  • Hours are used in 4-hour blocks. This is valid for development as well as for meetings.
    (Although typical meetings last 1 hour, there is additional work to be done after a call, such as follow-up, research questions/topics that come up during a call, compiling feedback, planning next steps. 4-hour blocks represent an efficient use of our resources)
  • Additional hours are billed at hour dev rate of $150.00 (USD) per hour, in minimum 4-hour blocks.


** Intranet Development process

BindTuning offers an easy way to have your home, landing and site pages designed and built by us. We estimate it to be up to 40 hours to get a finished product. Our estimated Design + Build solution follows these simple guidelines:

  • 2 hours the first day of gathering requirements and assets. We would request that the client comes prepared with either white board images, current screen shots or some other proposed layout. Assets that we require; fonts, colors and logos. If multiple pages, please have these defined ahead of time; i.e.: HR, Corp Comms, Home and Landing Pages.
  • Before wrapping the requirements gathering, BindTuning recommends the client compile 2-3 sources of content. All content that feeds Tiles, News Video, etc. are driven off of list libraries. A client will get far greater feedback and understanding of their site with content that is relevant to the corporate environment.
  • BindTuning will take these assets and design 1-2 mock ups depending on requirements and asks from the client. If you require more than 2 designs, please specify.
  • Once the design has been finalized and the accepted design has been selected, BindTuning will build the design on the client’s site. We require ADMIN access and this work may require multiple days. We estimate that the traditional build requires 8 hours. You can set up the user to have permissions expire automatically, you can also require us to do the work via screen share. Know screen sharing does take more time. Our preferred method is to connect remotely and do the work.
  • Once the build has been completed BindTuning will turn the site over to the client for testing and acceptance.
  • Upon completion of the above, BindTuning provides one online training session. Our team will walk you through the site, demonstrating how to configure and use the tools that have been deployed. This training session will be recorded