Deploy it. Simplified,

Empower everyday users to deploy and maintain sites with a completely visual provisioning engine, unparalleled in the industry.

Deploy it. Simple, self-service provisioning


Our provisioning engine provides the automated deployment of all features (Design, Build, Teams) but also the deployment of entire business scenarios (Starter Kits).

100% visual, no

Unlike other tools, our provisioning engine features a completely visual UX, requiring absolutely no PowerShell knowledge or running PS scripts.


Stuck with complicated, one-off deployment processes? Benefit from parallel deployments to multiple site collections at a time.


We keep track of the versions you have installed, providing easy updates, and 1-click upgrades. Be confident with a solution that is evergreen and evolves.

Deploy features, starter kits or your own scenarios.

Automated and scalable from one to endless site collections. Create an evergreen environment – effortlessly manage updates.

Looking to automate the provisioning of custom or third-party solutions?

Gain access to a powerful deployment engine that streamlines your workflows and scales the delivery of products, software patches, and feature updates. Speed up the deployment of intranet sites that need to reflect consistent branding and functionalities, such as internal team sites and customer portals.

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Managed Services Providers
  • Systems Integrators


Why do I need Deploy? 
Speed up your developments and greatly increase your productivity with BindTuning's automated provisioning engine. Rather than installing products manually and setting up environments step-by-step, Deploy enables you to benefit from one-click, error-free deployments. Our provisioning engine deploys all BindTuning products – themes, web parts, starter kits for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams in minutes.  
What can be deployed using BindTuning's
provisioning engine? 
BindTuning's provisioning engine automatically deploys all of our product features (Design – Themes; Build – web parts) and ready-made scenarios (Starter Kits), for SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.  
How do I deploy? 
Sign in to the BindTuning App to get started. If you are deploying products to Office365, the BindTuning cloud-based app will enable you to deploy products directly to your sites with one-click. For on-premises, you will need to download the BindTuning desktop App. Regardless of the environment, you’ll experience the same seamless and hassle-free installation experience. 
What if I have my own scenarios and products
to deploy? 
If you are an ISV trying to create a scalable solution, or a company with the need to automate the deployment of internal scenarios for better governance, we’ve got your back with our deployment-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, Automate365. BindTuning is the ONLY company providing this type of offering for SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams. Our. Read more about Automate365 or schedule a demo to learn more. 
If I have my scenarios to deploy, what can be
included in the template? 
In the case you have scenarios/products to deploy, there is much with we support with Automate365 that can be included in your custom provisioning template. We support all elements from the Provisioning Template definition, such as pages, navigation, different settings, properties or custom actions (see full list here). Additionally we support exclusive requirements like sharing permissions, page properties, adding categories to lists, creating views with specific columns, creating news pages and other requirements you may have. Please schedule a demo with us to discuss your specific requirements.
How much does using Deploy cost? 
You just have to create an account with us to get started after which you'll be directed to our app. All features and starter kits are available to be deployed on a trial basis for free. Pricing applies to deploy your own scenarios though. Talk to our sales to learn more.